The Skillset Which Enhances All Skillsets

Implementing a performance mindset program upon which every aspect of your operations rests will have a profound and compounding effect on team performance in the short, medium, and long term.

Step 1 – A cause bigger than a win

The psychological state of the team is resting on shaky foundations when no cause or mission supersedes the win in the minds of players and management.


To help the players remain in a balanced mental state rooted in their prefrontal regions of the brain management teams must invest significant time and effort in creating or uncovering an inspiring cause for the team that supersedes any result, from a World Cup final to a relegation playoff. If this is not in place we have unwittingly created the perfect breeding ground for the birth of fear/fantasy dynamic in the minds of players and management. The consequences of such creations are documented here.

Step 2 – Player buy in to the team cause

Human Beings are loyal only to their unique hierarchy of priorities, meaning the priorities that they perceive as most meaningful to them in the moment.

Optimising  Engagement and Buy-in –  Develop a team cause & align it with the personal aspirations of its members

Interpersonal Team Dynamics – Processes to build authentic connections, and processes to solve interpersonal conflicts within the team dynamic.

Inconsistent performances– Frameworks to level out team performances creating greater levels of consistency.

Mindset Training: Equipping athletes with the mental resilience and focus required to handle high-pressure situations, ensuring consistent performance.

Decision-making – Mental processes to enable a team to stay process-orientated, reducing irrational impulsive and reactive decision making