Performing When It Matters Most

High-Performance Coach & Demartini Method Facilitator


I work with Individuals to transform their mental approach in high-performance environments.
We will work with methodologies that incorporate the most update understandings in neuroscience and performance psychology.
The work we do together will allow you to develop the mental agility to consistently perform when it matters.


I work with management teams to implement the most updated understanding of neuroscience and performance psychology in every facet of their operation.
These fundamentals are the bedrock for maximising player buy-in to principles of play, physical and mental preparation, and their ability to deal with the demands of a high-performance environment.

Using your mind skillfully enhances every other skill set. Performance mindset training is where the gains will be found in today’s high-performance environment.


“ Gavin significantly influenced my journey as an athlete over the past decade. His vision and leadership are clearly evident through his extensive background in coaching and performance psychology.

Gavin’s meticulous attention to tactical details places him among the best in the industry. He possesses a remarkable ability to unite players as a cohesive unit while also recognizing and addressing their individual needs.

Under Gavin’s guidance, I not only reignited my passion for competitive hockey but also underwent a profound shift in mindset.  I would highly recommend Gavin to any team wishing to build a high- performance environment that is grounded upon mental resilience

Anna – May Whelan

Former Irish International Hockey Player

A scientific and processed approach to developing your mental game.

Understand why you do what you do.

A methodical and processed approach to the enhancement of mental performance is now achievable with a precision paralleling that of physical training.

Efficient and Effective performances are symptomatic of systems 2 thinking where we have balanced ratios of perception and a prioritized mindset.

My Story​

I am Demartini Trained Human Behaviourist and High-Performance Mindset Coach working with Professional and High-Performance amateur athletes.

I’ve been involved in performance sports as a player and coach for over 20 years.

I specialise in helping individual athletes and teams develop efficient and effective performances under pressure.